Tuesday, 12 July 2016

My daily sketch.....


I always got lots of questions from my followers that ,
"I can't draw "
"I can't draw things that look realistic" 

People thing drawing is hard,but the real fact is maximum times you make it harder with your own mind.These mental obstacles stop us from learning and bring needless frustration. If you understand them ,then you will free to learn.
Maximum people not working very hard.The sad part is they work less but want to become famous artist,want more likes,comments.Whenever they didn't get all this,they failed miserably,day by day they loss their self confidence,not being serious about making it work,start to making excuses,procrastination etc etc.

Being successful as an artist involves a lot of hard work,consistency,persistence,have lots of patience,skills of observation.It is not easy if you are trying to make a living of your art.

Persistence is particularly important as it takes a very long time to master the skills to be satisfied with your own work,that is why it is important to keep the process fun so making Art doesn't become too boring.Enjoy the process of making art.If you enjoy the process then day by day you will definitely improve your skill.
Here i am giving you some tips what i always applied in my own case.


The point is to sketch everyday,not to turn out master pieces but the daily sketching will surely improve your drawing abilities & its always not necessary to share with the world.Starting each day with a quick sketch to improve your drawing abilities.Its your own creation ,its your own piece of art ,enjoy each and every moment.
What am i doing differently this time to ensure that i will stick with my new little (A5 or A6)sketchbook habit......I made a goal to do one sketch a day in my sketchbook & i did & uploaded day by day sketches in my blog.Now i m going to set my another goal from tomorrow,to draw at least one sketch daily.


I always try to focus on enjoying the process,not on the end result.Don't be hurry to complete your art.The result is not always the main point of making art.While drawing i always spend a good time,expressing myself,always try to learn something new,always enjoying every stroke of my drawing. Remember if you don't like the end result,at least you have learned what not to do the next time & this can be a very valuable lesson.


Having confidence & believing in yourself is paramount for success to come.If you don't have the confidence to believe in yourself,then you can't do anything.
Believing in yourself creates positive energy.Accepting and believing in yourself is extremely empowering, with great power.As you begin to expect the best you will start to see things happening that are perfectly aligned with your desires & goals.


You can restart the same drawing many times until you get it right but don't give up & complete your task. Try to experiment with different styles,you might be less critical of the results.
You can hold a pencil,pen or brush & make marks with it.
You can draw simple things like your books,laptop,pen,pencils,table ,chair,bus,car,bicycle,fruits,vegetables,flowers etc etc.
You can draw everything just believe in yourself that u will do & take one step at a time.
If you expect that drawing skill will come to you automatically ,then you are totally wrong.Its all about practice practice practice & practice.If you practice long and hard ,with time it gets more & more automatic for you.


Procrastination is something many people suffer from daily.Procrastination is not a disease,it's just a mindset that  can be changed. 
Typical procrastination excuses we tell ourselves :-
" i 'll do this tomorrow,today i m not feeling good to draw anything"
"there's not enough time to do this today"
main excuse "i can't draw"

How to overcome Procrastination :-
Open your sketch book & start your sketch immediately,if you have idle time.Always tell yourself you only need to sketch for 5 minutes to get yourself started but once you are in the process of drawing,you usually stick with it for longer.
Once you axtually start something & get  into the flow of it,you'd be surprised how easy it is.Don't think too much about starting something.Getting that first start is vital.
Remove all destructions from your environment.eat well,sleep well & most important always be happy.
Always keep your thoughts positive.You will feel better,you will be more active,more optimistic.
Now sit down,open your sketch book & draw whatever you like to draw.
Enjoy your drawing.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


The main part about urban sketching is , you are going to draw from live,on location,on park,on coffee shop,market,on mall , museum & whenever we travel etc etc.Its a way of living life & enjoying the sketch.

I love to draw Urban Sketching & its very important for me .
You will notice day by day that our daily life is part of a larger artistic adventure.You are always on the lookout for drawing opportunities.

You don't need a lot of materials & you have to spend just a few minutes each day.If you will going to start for just few minutes & easy to going lost in your sketch book then no matter few minutes or 20 - 30 minutes , you will going to enjoy your drawing.Make Urban Sketching a part of your life.

We will going to start with basic pencil drawing,then progress through pen & ink & finally with watercolor.

You might not notice a change one day,but after one weeks or months when you look back & you will definitely notice your progress.The important thing is to enjoy the process.

If you find yourself becoming frustrated ,don't give up....remember each time you try it , you will improve your skills & learn a bit more.

Don't think about where you have to be , or anything else.Just give yourself 10 - 20 minutes minutes to pull out your book & do a quick sketch.

Don't judge your sketches , every sketch is a good sketch .Don't give up. Set your goal that you are going to draw one sketch at a time & challenge yourself to draw anything only with a pencil.
Observe the world ,Urban Sketching is about observing the world.
Enjoy your sketching.

MARC TARO HOLMES is the famous Urban Sketcher & his Urban Sketcher books are just amazing.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Today I m going to post my 25th,26th,27th,28th,29th & 30 th Day Sketch challenge of ( Per day per sketch challenge) 
1st one I drew urban sketching, tomorrow I will tell all of you about aryan sketching, it's really fun to do,& u only need sketch book, pencil /pen & watercolour to colouring the sketch. 

2nd & 3rd one I drew with technical ball pen, if u don't then use normal ball pen, but keep practicing.

4th one again one again one urban sketch, after drew the sketch I colour it with ball pen.

5th one again I drew with technical ball pen.

Hope all of you are enjoying.... Thank u & leave your comment if you want more.

Monday, 27 June 2016


We always in our maximum time feels that there is nothing left for us to do something in our life,to be a successful person in any area.Living your dream is always the result of information,inspiration & perspiration.

It doesn't matter where you live,how old you are,what your level of education or how much money we have.

All that matters is that BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.If we believe in ourselves we can do everything in life that GOD (UNIVERSE) gifted to us.And there is no difference between all the successful people & us.The only difference is successful people thinks different from us.Successful people always think that how to become more successful in life other side we (normal people) always think there nothing left for us,we can't do anything in our life,there is no opportunity for us.
Wrong.....totally wrong. 

We can do.....we can do more......we can do our best......what we love to do,what we expected to do.Just change your thinking,believe in yourself.
We can do what other successful peoples are doing.We have to believe, we have to confident enough that we can move the mountain.

Yes we can move the mountain.

From now just imagine ......"we are moving the mountain & we did it"

Now grow up your imagination power in high level that if we move the mountain then rest of the works are so easy for us.

Then you will see miraculously you are changing your thoughts , and day by day you believe in yourself that 

i can ,i can ,i can
yes u can.
Now dream what kind of life you want,believe you can have it,learn the principles of success,apply them to your life & never give up.

Try to be better than yourself.

Dream big & set your Goal.There are lots of things that Universe has & want to give us.But if we don't believe in ourselves,if we don't dream bi then Universe can't help us.Let the universe know about our dream & go to pursue our dream.

I m a simple person like all of you.We all are same.If i believe i can ,then i believe that you will also.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

 Here I m posting my 20th,21th, 22th & 23nd day of sketch....(per day per sketch of 30 Day Challenge)

1st one is the image of my little sketch book

2nd one I drew this sketch within 30 minutes & with technical ball pen.

3Rd one I drew cherry's with technical ball pen, it took around 1 hour to complete the sketch because of its detailing.

3rd one I drew with ball pen, then I add some watercolour.

4th one I drew a simple pencil sketch from an magazine. It took me 30 minutes to complete the sketch.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My 19 th Day sketch ( per day per sketch challenge for 30 days)
Today again I drew one double sketch & I love to draw doodle. Requesting everyone who love to draw try doodle sketch.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Here is my 16th,17th & 18th post of(30 Day Challenge) per day per sketch.
1st one I drew with black & brown ball pen
2nd one with blue ball pen
3Rd one Doodle sketch with colour ball pen.

Monday, 20 June 2016

My 13th, 14th & 15th day sketch. I did one graphite pencil sketch & 2 watercolour sketch.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My Doodle Work :-


1) Get up early

2) Express Gratitude for what you            have

3) Do something productive

4) Do something fun

5) Do something for someone else

6) Get some sunlight

7) Exercise regularly

8) Put a smile on someone's face

9) Express Gratitude or compliment          someone

10) Learn or do something new.

     That's all for the day.Enjoy your             life.

Here is my 12th day watercolour sketch of (30 Day Challenge....per day per sketch) Today I drew Lord Krishna & I loved to draw the sketch.

Download this picture & try it....enjoy your drawing.

Monday, 13 June 2016


Life is really very simple. What we give out,we get back.

From tomorrow when you wake up in the morning, be thankful for the new day.
  e.g. " I m so grateful for the new day. GOD give me another day to live my life fully, to do something in my life."
& feel happy for your new day.

Be thankful for everything that GOD already given to you.

Be grateful for your bed,afterall you have spent the whole night together in comfort.

Be thankful for your morning tea,for your breakfast, for your lunch,for your dinner,evening tea,snacks etc etc. & feel happy for everything.

Work is work.....if you will do one big hard work, or if you do one small work...always be grateful for your work. Believe me it will change your mentallity & you will feel better & more happy.

Love who and what you are and what you do.

When you go to bed at night close your eyes and again be thankful for all the good in your life. It will bring more good in.

Today I m posting my 10th & 11th Day sketch of ( 30 Day challenge sketch)
& one more sketch I m posting that I already drew in April.
Enjoy & do continue ur drawing

Friday, 10 June 2016

Here is my 8th & 9th

Day watercolour painting of 30 Day Challenge. In watercolour I m also in learning stage & I m doing my best.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7th day watercolour painting of 30 day challenge

Today I drew a watercolour painting with cheap quality brush & student based watercolour.

I m also new in watercolour..... & yes I have to practice a lot.

Monday, 6 June 2016

My 6th day sketch of (30 Day Challenge..... Per day per sketch)
Enjoy your drawing too.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


There are a few items an artist will need to set up for a successful sketching challenge.Here are some tips for Daily Sketch :-

1)  SKETCH BOOK :-   The most important tool,of course is,a sketch book. Honestly I always noticed maximum artists always refer MOLESKIN sketch book (one of the best brand). The artists suggest Moleskin sketch book because,they have already become famous artists.
but for all the beginners and intermittent artists i will suggest all of you to buy cheap quality sketch book from your local store. A5 size is the best.
While drawing if you have done a lot of mistakes,u will have no regrets for using cheap quality sketch book.Choose a sketch book that u can carry anywhere with you.
Decorate the cover of your sketch book , this will boost your inspiration every time when you open it.

2)  PENCILS  :-  For daily sketch no need to buy lots of pencils.Only HB , 2B & 6B pencils are great for structuring & shading . Keep erasers with you always.

3)  PEN  :-  Always carry a pen with you, and just for 10 - 15 minutes draw anything with pen. I am not talking about shading , just make a structure with pen.

4)  Don't tear out pages or remove work you aren't happy with . Your sketch book should be honest. Don't ty to edit it. If your sketches are not looking good there may be an idea ,there you can come back to at a later stage.

5)  JOURNALING  :- Don't just draw. Write down thoughts , experiences in your sketch book.

6)  The Fun Side .....collect things like feathers,leaves,photos,postcards,stickers,magazine cutting ,paint samples etc & stick them in your sketch book. Believe me its really fun to do.

7)  ALWAYS USE YOUR SKETCH BOOK   :-  Its really important to keep using your sketchbook.Try to draw daily. Once you are in the habit you get in a flow and create lots of creativity in your sketch book. JUST KEEP GOING .


Today I drew 3 little sketches.
1st one is a fun Doodle sketch. Try it. Believe me you will enjoy to draw it.
2nd one from colouring book.I didn't complete it because , all the beginner artist will understand better how I drew the structure with Hb pencil & then applied colour. Download or save the picture & enjoy your drawing.
3rd one I drew a simple tree with Hb & 2b Graphite pencils.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

My 4th day sketch.... DOODLE SKETCH.(reference picture taken from Google). I finished this drawing within one & half hour.
1st try to draw this doodle sketch with Hb pencil. It will be awesome if you will draw the sketch without using eraser. CHALLENGE YOURSELF.
Then use Technical ball pen or sketch pen or ball pen or if you like to colour it then use colour pencils.

Enjoy this DOODLE drawing.

Friday, 3 June 2016

My little watercolour card for all my dear friends
Here is my 3Rd day sketch.... again I enjoyed a lot to drew this sketch.
In this sketch I used (Rotomac) black & blue ball pen.If u r a biggener stage, this sketch will may be difficult for u but believe me once u will start to draw u will definitely do it. Before starting any sketch.... always talk to yourself.... " if she can, I m also."
Download or save the picture & enjoy ur drawing.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Here is my 2nd day sketch (30 Day Challenge). A nice sketch I drew today & enjoyed a lots. It is an artist work I inspired & decided to draw like artist drew it.
In 1st picture I drew the sketch with Hb pencil & then apply black pen for bold look.
In 2nd picture I used Technical ball pen ( u also use black pen)  for shading. I also showed how to cross shade in the 3 box.
Now download or save the picture and try to draw it and the most important..... "  ENJOY YOUR DRAWING "

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My ball pen sketches....no need to buy expensive ball pen like Bic ball pen or etc. etc. U will draw anything with only 2-5 Rs ball pen if u know the process of using ball pen. Soon I will post step by step procedures of my ball pen drawing.