Sunday, 5 June 2016


There are a few items an artist will need to set up for a successful sketching challenge.Here are some tips for Daily Sketch :-

1)  SKETCH BOOK :-   The most important tool,of course is,a sketch book. Honestly I always noticed maximum artists always refer MOLESKIN sketch book (one of the best brand). The artists suggest Moleskin sketch book because,they have already become famous artists.
but for all the beginners and intermittent artists i will suggest all of you to buy cheap quality sketch book from your local store. A5 size is the best.
While drawing if you have done a lot of mistakes,u will have no regrets for using cheap quality sketch book.Choose a sketch book that u can carry anywhere with you.
Decorate the cover of your sketch book , this will boost your inspiration every time when you open it.

2)  PENCILS  :-  For daily sketch no need to buy lots of pencils.Only HB , 2B & 6B pencils are great for structuring & shading . Keep erasers with you always.

3)  PEN  :-  Always carry a pen with you, and just for 10 - 15 minutes draw anything with pen. I am not talking about shading , just make a structure with pen.

4)  Don't tear out pages or remove work you aren't happy with . Your sketch book should be honest. Don't ty to edit it. If your sketches are not looking good there may be an idea ,there you can come back to at a later stage.

5)  JOURNALING  :- Don't just draw. Write down thoughts , experiences in your sketch book.

6)  The Fun Side .....collect things like feathers,leaves,photos,postcards,stickers,magazine cutting ,paint samples etc & stick them in your sketch book. Believe me its really fun to do.

7)  ALWAYS USE YOUR SKETCH BOOK   :-  Its really important to keep using your sketchbook.Try to draw daily. Once you are in the habit you get in a flow and create lots of creativity in your sketch book. JUST KEEP GOING .