Tuesday, 5 July 2016


The main part about urban sketching is , you are going to draw from live,on location,on park,on coffee shop,market,on mall , museum & whenever we travel etc etc.Its a way of living life & enjoying the sketch.

I love to draw Urban Sketching & its very important for me .
You will notice day by day that our daily life is part of a larger artistic adventure.You are always on the lookout for drawing opportunities.

You don't need a lot of materials & you have to spend just a few minutes each day.If you will going to start for just few minutes & easy to going lost in your sketch book then no matter few minutes or 20 - 30 minutes , you will going to enjoy your drawing.Make Urban Sketching a part of your life.

We will going to start with basic pencil drawing,then progress through pen & ink & finally with watercolor.

You might not notice a change one day,but after one weeks or months when you look back & you will definitely notice your progress.The important thing is to enjoy the process.

If you find yourself becoming frustrated ,don't give up....remember each time you try it , you will improve your skills & learn a bit more.

Don't think about where you have to be , or anything else.Just give yourself 10 - 20 minutes minutes to pull out your book & do a quick sketch.

Don't judge your sketches , every sketch is a good sketch .Don't give up. Set your goal that you are going to draw one sketch at a time & challenge yourself to draw anything only with a pencil.
Observe the world ,Urban Sketching is about observing the world.
Enjoy your sketching.

MARC TARO HOLMES is the famous Urban Sketcher & his Urban Sketcher books are just amazing.