Monday, 30 May 2016

About me



My name is Payel. At this juncture when i m writing this profile of mine,i m an artist(Professional). I've my page on Facebook which have 6600+ followers from India & even the rest of the countries in the world.This is my identity today but this is just a beginning & it all started 2 yrs back one fine day.

I was a housewife engrossed with my duties & responsibilities.During my pastime,i was into watching TV(serials,movies etc) , calling up friends & relatives & chatting with them,go around the town shopping etc ,etc.

i was enjoying my life till i DISCOVERED this passion & skill of mine which gave me a new horizon & helped me to create what we call as SELF IDENTITY.

It was one day ,i came across a sketch in Facebook drawn by one of my cousin.It made me recollect that i too used to love sketching at one point in my life during my childhood.But i was never encouraged to sketch & hence i left.That day when i saw her sketch ,something instigated me to give it a try and i took a piece of paper & a pencil, sketched my own feet looking at it and i was satisfied with what i sketched.

That was my starting point & i went on & on & on .I left everything that i used to do from TV to movies to chatting to shopping & i devoted everything to my PASSION.

PRACTICE makes a man perfect & i kept on practicing.I opened my page on Facebook in June 2015 & started publishing my sketches & it went on great.

This is just a beginning of a new life for me & i intend to make it big.I want to reach a pedestal where i can achieve SUCCESS as an ARTIST.